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Ethiopia NSA zero on food insecurity

Ethiopia NSA zero on food insecurity

Private players involved in agricultural development have identified various issues that ail the growth of the sector and have worked on a plan to counter the persistent food shortage in the country.

During a meeting organized to come up with agricultural interventions as supported by the Comprehensive African Agricultural Program (CAADP), the experts noted over reliance of rain fed agriculture as a key reason of lack of food security in the horn of Africa region.

Other factors identified include low farm productivity, minimum utilization of modern productivity enhancing inputs like fertilizers and environmental degradation and climate change. They also noted there was limited private investment on agriculture in Ethiopia coupled with low institutional capacity as well as a weak infrastructures such as irrigation schemes, road network and market centers.

To solve these problems, the stakeholders meeting under the auspices of CAADP Non State Actors Steering committee identified new dialogue with the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture as the key to introducing private sector led programs to the country’s agriculture.

PanAAC was represented by Sharon Njoroge, on behalf of PanAAC CEO and the current Vice Chair of CAADP NSA steering committee.

Seven institutions representing networks, umbrella organizations and private sectors were selected by the participants to co-ordinate the involvement of NSAs in CADDP implementation. These include Action Aid Ethiopia, Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association (CCRDA), Poverty Action Network Ethiopia (PANE), Women in Self Employment (WISE) Ethiopian Chambers and Sectoral Associations, NSA Coalition and Ethiopian Association of Agricultural Professionals (EAAP).

Hydroponics Sorghum

Hydroponics Sorghum

Hydroponics farming is an art of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil.

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